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I really must get better at updating this thing....
So yet another year has passed! Things have changed quite a lot for me - I have experienced somewhat of a challenging year in my personal life (read: work life). I stepped down from management and persued my qualifications in pharmacy. I recently got signed off as fully qualified and am now working as a relief dispenser/advisor across North Yorkshire. It's very interesting and I enjoy meeting new people all the time. Is it my life calling? I do not know. I endured approximately 6 months of some intense anxiety/depression due to all the turmoil (I do not deal well with change) alongside a feeling of just seemingly being completely lost in life to be completely honest. I feel like I have come out the other side of it now thankfully. My husband Tom was my rock throughout and I have had support of a few very special people who didn't give up checking in with me and giving me pep talks, for which I will forever be grateful. Periods in your life like this really show you who is there for you - I now know and will be holding them dear to me!

Anyway before I put off any future clients due to them believing I am a complete fruit loop, I will move swiftly on!

I had the most amazing anniverysary holiday to Italy in September. Wow-eeeeeee. I honestly cannot recommend enough. The whole place was so beautiful it was just like constantly living in a movie. We stayed near Sorrento, and visited Pompeii, Capri and the Amalfi Coast. I totally fell in love with the place and I am keen to see other areas namely Tuscany, Bari, Rome and Sicily.

In February I did the annual pilgrimage to Cyprus to see my father. Did not take my camera as I think I have done that island to death now. Recently returned from my 4th annual trip to Berlin - I did not take my camera but I did get some amazing photos on my new Google Pixel. I cannot believe I just said that. I have always been a total advocate of "if you want to take photos, use a camera, phones are for ringing/texting people". But this phone has an amazing camera. It puts my old Huawei with a bloody leica lens, to shame. I finally fulfilled my dream of exploring Beelitz - the holy grail of Urbex. Ok it was a guided tour with hard-hats on but it was safe and legal and our guide I am sure was giving out some amazing information (it was in German, cos I just love doing german tours (really we just never seem to make it to any english tours)). Didn't quite get tp Tuefelsberg as planned due to weather conditions but thats gone onto the list for next year now.

July sees me going to Rhodes for the first time! I just love Greece, there are so many islands I want to get too! Milos, Paxos, Mykonos, Santorini.....the list goes on.

I have photographed an old colleagues baby bump, as well as another old colleagues children.

Wedding wise I did alot of assisting late last year which was fab, gave me something to concentrate on without the pressure of being in charge ha. I don't really have any images to show from those though due to contract restraints. This year I just did an amazing booking in Newcastle. For the rest of the year I am shooting at:

Old colleagues long-awaiting wedding at Cross Butts Whitby
Nice local Stockton wedding
Another long-awaited Teepee wedding at the Hammer and Pincers
Beautiful lavender-infused ceremony at Beamish
One more long-awaited winter wedding in Wentbridge and the cutest church ever

I have also had my first booking on 2020 for Thief Hall in Northallerton, and also have a meeting coming up over a potential 2020 booking in the Lakes.