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Here comes wedding season!

Hi guys! Just a bit of a mid-year catch-up whilst I am majorly enjoying a weeks holiday from the day job with no real plans apart from just pottering and catching up with life! That obviously includes a website update and some file management as my laptop is seriously lacking in file space at the mo. May even talk the husband into doing a de-frag on it too if I'm feeling brave.

So since my last update I have still been loving my new job. I haven't had as much free-time as I had hoped to do more personal photography as before I knew it, wedding season started! Edited all my pics from my February trip to Cyprus, then did a Christening for a friend, then had a trip to Berlin, then had my first wedding of the year.

Berlin!! - if you ever have the chance of visiting this city - do it!! I went last year with my best friend to celebrate us both turning 30. We didn't make any solid plans and just decided to go with the flow and soak up the atmosphere. As it was 30c during our trip, alot of it consisted of sitting in bier-gartens. Which was fab! But I needed to go back and see more! So I also spent my 31st in Berlin, but with the husband this time. Weather was a bit naff which put a dampener (haha?) on things but it meant we did so much (thanks to my extremely well-researched itinerary) and got to see alot more as our hotel room was hilariously tiny - there was absolutely no room to hang out in it. So out came the ponchos and we just got on with it all in the rain. Due to the weather it did mean that my proper camera stayed in my suitcase for the whole trip but my new mobile did alright - much better than my iphone anyway! Anyway I have proper been bitten by the Berlin-bug now and still need I reckon at least another 3 trips. 1 to finish off doing/seeing everything in the city, 2 to do some urbex round Tuefelsberg and Beelitz, and 3 to properly get out and into the nightlife. I am too old now to do a night out and then get up and be busy all is most definitely one or the other these days for me! So yes go, there is something for everybody! My highlights of this trip were a sunset meal up the TV-tower and driving a Trabant around the city. Oh and a burlesque show!

Wedding - bit of a funny story with this one. Lisa and Kevin had originally approached my fellow tog-buddy Sam (who I know from our time studying photography at Newcastle College) in the hope of hiring her to cover their wedding. At the time, Sam did not shoot weddings (she specialises in newborn photography) so recommended me. I was booked. But since then Sam has repeatedly been asked to shoot weddings so she has decided to dip her toe in the water! We enjoy working together so are both advertising packages with the other as a 2nd photographer. This allows 2 view points to be captured at the same time, and ensures we can be in two places at the same time! It also gives two shooting styles, makes the day flow better as we can help each other out without having to borrow a member of the bridal party say to find Auntie Marg who has gone also gives a wider variety of kit. So Sam ended up coming along to the wedding in order to try out a new lens and also to provide us with some more images to advertise our 2-photographer packages! Hopefully this will be the start of something beautiful :D

I have just sent off that disc of images so will soon be cracking on with that album and then I have another 3 weddings to do this year as well as a trip to Crete to capture some images of Spingalonga.