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Possible new package options

Let me know your thoughts...
I have recently had to spend quite a bit of time helping a past bride who opted for a CD-only package option when really it wasn't particularly suitable for her.

I have always provided CD's as it is the easiest option and they are alot cheaper for me to provide than say a USB. However, things have changed alot recently. I have realised that alot of people nowadays don't even have disc drives! In this case perhaps a USB would be more suitable. Some other people don't even own a laptop or similar device and just use their mobiles for everything. In this case perhaps and online gallery would be the best option.

I will be looking into options for USB's and from now on will be getting peoples preferences at booking point.

Ideally when I hand over the images to a client, unless they want to do any add-ons with me, I have completed my contractual obligations and the responsibility for printing and file storage is now in the hands of that client.

So I guess what I'm saying is that I need to stop being too nice as I do work full-time as well as doing wedding photography so any extra work like this isn't covered in your initial fee and I am going to have to start charging extra money for extra work. It feels awful saying that but at the end of the day this is a business and time is money and I am pretty sure any full-time wedding photographers would feel the same. I have always worked on the basis of "I'm here, happy to help, anytime, anything" but have felt like my good nature and customer services have on occasion, been taken advantage of.

For example - I always write in my letter with your device that of course if there are any tweaks you desire on the editing on a few images, that is no problem. If you do not make clear any editing preferences in your consultation and therefore end up unsatisfied with the editing I have spent alot of time doing, I can help you with this, sure, but anything over 10 edit-change requests will be chargeable from now on.

If you want to order prints but do not know how to do so, sure I can help you with this, however, I obviously will need to charge the cost of the print, P&P and a charge for my customer service.

If you have opted for a CD and want your images on Facebook but do not know how to upload to Facebook, sure I can help you with this, however as this was the original agreed method of file receival, I will need to charge for this. Changes to privacies of facebook galleries, the removal of particular images etc, having to tag certain people in them...all of these, from now on, will be chargeable. They will only be small charges but it is just really a deterrent to try to encourage people to at least try do these things themselves instead of just messaging me asking me to do it for them.

If you lose your documentation and require extra copies to be sent out, sure, I can help you with this. However, that's my ink/paper/stamps and personal time being used, so from now on, will be chargeable. I look after your details in a special "wedding" folder as well as being typed up on my computer for back-up. I keep your details safe so please keep your paperwork safe!

From now on I will be including with contracts, a list of charges for any add-ons such as these. I hope this hasn't offended anybody and I very much hope that my new charges will be met with the opinion of "well that's fair enough". If anybody has any constructive feedback it is always much appreciated.