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Add a 2nd photographer!

Capture twice the action...
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So recently I have been in talks with an old uni friend Samara about us kind of going into business together. We studied photography on the same course at Newcastle College and have stayed in touch. Samara has ran a successfully family portrait business in the USA and has set up again in the UK after taking some time out to start a family.

Samara joined me on my last wedding to try out the logistics of working as a twosome at weddings and we're both pleased to say it was a success! It's fun for us to have a buddy and it's also fab to bounce ideas off each other throughout the day.

So what does this mean for you as a customer? It means you get MORE pictures. It means that both the bridal and the groom prep can be captured. It means that your ceremony can be captured from 2 different angles and you are not having to compromise if you have a strict officiant who will not allow any movement during the ceremony. It means that whilst I am doing your posed group shots, you can also get funny candids of your guests. It means that during the speeches you will get tons of shots of both the people doing the speeches but also your guests reactions, be that tears or laughter! It also means your day will run smoother and quicker, as if for example your best man isn't exactly doing a grand job of rounding up those guests required for images, you needn't worry about it s the 2nd shooter can step in. It also means we have double the amount of equipment so can achieve funky affects with fisheye and tilt-shift lenses, as well as getting your normal shots. Your images can also be enhanced by the addition of second speedlite for some cool lighting effects!

Starting from now, a second photographer can be added onto your package if you go for Gold and anything higher. Minimum recommended booking for a 2nd shooter is 3 hours. Alot of customers want a 2nd photographer for the ceremony only but this is often not worth the time and travel costs when they could book a wedding for themselves that day and ensure a larger booking.

Gold - extra £150 - approx 4 hours
Platinum - extra £225 - approx 6 hours
Diamond - extra £300 - approx 8 hours

Arrangements can be negotiated ie: you want to book the diamond package but only want a 2nd shooter for half the day - we can personalize packages. Subject to availability.

We feel that we are quite equal in terms of skill and experience, our kit is also relatively equal. Samara hands me her images to edit to ensure a consistant editing style across your set of images.

This also means that we can cover for each other in the rare and unlikely (but possible) event of serious illness or injury.