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Laya and Darren

First teepee wedding? CHECK
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So I was over the moon to be asked to shoot this wedding! I have known the couple through mutual friends for around 12 years, they attended our wedding as guests so I would have loved to have been a guest at theirs but I would have been secretly disappointed to not get this in my portfolio! The ceremony took place at Preston Hall, which was full of laughs and tears from start to finish. The couple wrote their own vows which included references to Laya's Harry Potter obsession and Darren's car obsession. Gotta love personalised vows. We headed out into the old-fashioned street for some couple shots before I climbed a spiral staircase for some group pics. Then it was off to a farmers field for the reception where a teepee was waiting for us! It was lit with fairylights which made it very romantic but made shooting quite challenging but I think I pulled it off okay! We also had a play around with some sparklers after dark. I experimented a bit with some smoke bombs but these didn't turn out too well so I do believe some more practise is required with those.