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Off-camera flash masterclass
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So I decided this year to invest most of my profit from weddings into my business. This, first of all, meant booking a training course with Chris Chambers. Chris is a very accomplished photographer, regularly winning many prestigious awards. I have followed his work online for quite a while. I previously had a fair idea how he did some of his shots, but educated guesswork is no substitute to learning from the master!

So down I went to Rossington Hall near Doncaster. Left the house at 8:30am and ended up doing a spot of green-laning in a field (thanks sat nav!) before arriving a little late, in tow with 3 other ladies who suffered the same unfortunate fate. The day started with a talk explaining the theory and technical side to what we were going to be doing. This was great to take notes and understand how and why we were to do certain things, which I find very useful and much better than just having a crack at it.

Throughout the day we worked through different scenarios both indoors and out, utilising flash both off and on camera. I feel like I have learnt quite a few techniques as well as a very precious "tricks of the trade". There are a few extra trick shots that I was shown that I feel like I need a bit more practise on before I can confidently say "I can do this" so watch this space!

Some people may scoff at doing training courses. I don't. I am a firm believer in the idea that anybody who thinks they know everything is a fool. Unless of course you happen to be Ellen Von Unwerth or something in which case I will take that back! As an artist you never stop learning, never stop broadening your horizons and developing your skill set. A masterpiece is never complete.