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Well that year flew round!
So much for keeping up with my blog on a regular basis!

I have however set up a Facebook page purely for my photography. I haven't previously done this as I invite all of my brides to add me on Facebook so we can get to know each other better before the big day.

However it has meant that I have missed a few enquiries from people who haven't first added me, and the message has been filtered straight into my "other" folder which I only check every few months. This has led to me not only missing out on bookings, but also the potential client has probably assumed I have rudely ignored them. By the time I have got back in touch they have found somebody else. So this will hopefully prevent that from re-occurring.

I still encourage all brides to add my personal page but it means my friends aren't getting bored of photography talk, and people who are just interested in my work aren't getting bored of bunnies/nails/GOTmemes/etc.

So yes that was an exciting thing that happened in 2015. I now have somewhere to post my work, as well as any interesting photography articles/facts/memes I come across. Also the studio I manage 5 days a week has recently had a Facebook page set-up so I can share my work from the dayjob too. I believe this will show potential clients that although I don't do tons of private projects, I am taking photographs every day.

2015 was a great year - shot the weddings of Megan and David, Denise and Dave, and also Ashley and Leo. I travelled to Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Glencoe in Scotland. I invested in a 10-stop neutral density filter and also a video light. I was hired by a few old school friends to do photobooths for private birthday parties. I got to take the first photos of the brand newborn baby Ella, daughter to one of my husbands workmates. I also went for a photoshoot myself with the amazing My Boudoir photographer Nicola Grimshaw-Mitchell which was a dream come true! Thank you to all of my clients who have supported me this year!

2016 is going to be an interesting one! I have 5 weddings on the books so far this year and another 2 potentials. Considering I don't advertise I don't believe this is bad going!

Rachel and David - recommended by past bride Amy
Louise and Gav - recommended by past bride Zoe
Chermaine and Ben - recommended by Asia, a close friend of past bride Amy
Laya and Darren - recommended by past bride and groom Ste and Cheryl
Kim and Dan - past customer

I am also attending my sister-in-laws wedding and one of my best friends Emily is setting a date very soon so I will be witnessing lottttttts of happy brides this year!

Also have holidays planned to Cyprus, Berlin and Zakynthos so my "travel" gallery will certainly be added too.

As such I am going to be upgrading my camera this year (just cannot decide which one to go for....) and also hoping to attend a training course by one of the Uk's best wedding photographers.

Watch this space!